Based on Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking Curriculum Principles:

Social Skills Thinking
Incredible Flexible You
Weekly/monthly parent review and check-in of lessons and target areas for consistency and carryover.


Our curriculum is scaled to accommodate a range of ages and skill levels.


Currently Available Groups:

Each following category has a unique customized full year curriculum including 48 lessons, games, supporting activities and parent education support and review topics…

Tweens (middle school)
S.O.S. (Social Opportunities and Supports for non-verbal/minimally verbal students)
Young Adults/ Adults
Girls only
Sibling Workshops


Also available: 

Parent Support Groups
Individual hourly sessions available
This list represents our current offerings.

Please if you do not see a day and time that works for you.  We may be able to add/change a group that fits your needs.


A large part of the inSync Social Skills Curriculum is based on

Michelle Garcia Winner’s.

Social thinking is our innate ability to think through and apply information to succeed in situations that require social knowledge. Social thinking is a form of intelligence that is key to learning concepts and integrating information across a variety of settings: academic, social, home, and community. Limited abilities for learning and/or applying socially relevant information can be considered a social thinking learning disability.

Michelle Garcia Winner coined the term as a treatment program for students to assist them with their social learning. Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (particularly high functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome) ADHD, non-verbal learning disorder and similar challenges have benefited greatly from this treatment approach over the last ten years. Michelle Garcia winner is an internationally recognized specialist and the social thinking work that she has pioneered is internationally recognized and implemented.

For more information on the SOCIAL THINKING APPROACH please go to:  and read about Michelle’s philosophy.

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